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There is no way this is moshes staff. His final resting place is even a mystery even among angels. Where is the proof? The English used is somewhat haphazard and the logic dances about. Perhaps the text could be revised and expanded to clarify, aid understanding and establish reference sorces.

It is written that Moses asked Almighty God for the assistance of his brother Aaron because he was a more fluent speaker but there is no mention in the Holy Book that I have found that labels Moses as pyrotechicaly impaired.

So what is the source of this conjecture? The references to pharoes again lacks provenance in context and the veiled implied conection to Tutankhamen suggests sleight of seductive logic. The staff in itself is somewhat irrelevant today carbon dating staff of moses the power it manifested came from Almighty God and the staff was just a symbol for Moses to inspire awe and demonstrate connection with Almighty God.

I am not quallified to make definitive statements I comment solely dating site username tips the basis of what I believe based on my flawed human understanding.

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The Midrash 1 tells us that the staff was passed down from generation to generation and was in the possession of the Judean kings until the First Temple was destroyed. In Samuel I, It is unknown what became of the staff after the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled from their land.

Did anyone look through the ruins of the temple that was destroyed. Pointless If we ever do find the Staff, then it would hold no power unless God willed it to, for He was the one who made the Staff have power in the first place. Granted that it was a serpent at one time, this phenomenon occurred during very special circumstances. The staff turned into a serpent at the Burning Bush, and in front of Pharaoh when Moses was freeing Gods people. In other words, the continuous search for the staff by Christians is pointless, for it would do nothing.

By the way I'm 12 years old. I agree with your comments, unless God give his power , the staff is just a staff, and God has purpose to proclaim his name and his power to Pharaoh, that he and his people that he is the God, and He becomes what he causes to become. Not bad from a little fellow. According to the Torah, the staff was miraculously transformed during the confrontation with Korach. It developed branches which produced almonds.

So any staff found today that doesn't show evidence of the almond shoots can't be the staff of Moses. I believe the staff was stored with the Ark in the holy of holies. If we ever find the Ark we may find the staff.

How can that be? Moses brought the staff's out of the tent of meetings.. Aaron's staff had already bloomed and had almonds on it. Unless something weird is going on That is reserved of God himself. But, we do have to admit that the staff was a snake once.

I was in disbelieve that they did not make a big deal about it. I was so excited to see it and at the same disappointed that I was not allowed to take a picture of it. I don't think that they understand what a great deal it is for them to have it. They are currently hi-lighting an 86 carat diamond. Woodland Hills, CA Reply. Moses' Staff Be careful, the staff of Moses represents the banner under which we serve God. This banner indicates to the world who we serve.

The staff of Moses in those days were the banner stating that he served God and walked in fear of God. What banner do you raise for people to see, your favorite cricket team, material riches or do your banner clearly reflect that you serve God like the banner of Moses did, namely his staff. Location of Mose's Staff According to the identifying document at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, mose's staff is on display there.

Moses Staff I have recently read that Moses staff was originally taken from the tree of knowledge by Adam as he was leaving the Garden of Eden. The staff was then passed down from patriarch to patriarch until the destruction of the temple.

Is this a cultural story passed down from generations or someones musings? In the Mishna, Pirkay Avos, 5: One was The Staff. Rabbinic tradition says Adam , the first man, had it and it was passed on. G- D changed it to a snake and a crocodile if you follow Exodus 7: What happened to Moses' staff? Where is it now? I dont have a good reference from the Bible about the "Staff", quoting from Rabbi Menachem Posner quote "The Midrash tells us that the staff was passed down from generation to generation and was in the possession of the Judean kings until the First Temple was destroyed" I end up with a question, what is so special about the staff that it had to be passed from generation to generation?

I mean Moses was chosen and on the contrary - the staff didnt perform any miracles but God. Between david and the exile You write that it is unknown what happened to the staff after the destruction of the Temple.

I say, back up a bit. Is anything known about the staff after the times of king david? Artifacts Many of the artifacts were stolen by the Romans when the 2nd Beis Hamikdash was destroyed. The Roman leader Titus has a sculpture of the takings of the Temple, namely the Menorah, the Shulchan and many great treasures. These are all believed to be hidden in the catacombes of the Vatican to this day. Israel has seeked access to these artifacts but the Church has either denied it or refused access.

Do a google search to learn more. Also, there is some debate about the Menorah that was stolen, since the depiction in Titus' sculpture is innacurate to Jewish tradition. All based on my memory, take with a grain of salt. Are there many items mentioned in the Bible missing? And has any reseach been done to try to find these bilbilical artifacts?

What comes to mind is the jar of an Omer of manna, see Exodus Also, when the Mishkan came into Israel , the portable gold plated walls were replaced by permanent walls and the former walls were buried. These would be very nice to find. Staff in the Stone If memory serves me, the Midrash said that the staff originated from Adam and was passed down for generations until it was intentionally placed in stone.

The only person able to get it out of stone would be the redeemer of the Jews. Moshe was the only one to be able to take the staff of the ground. This has obvious connections to the story, the "Sword in the Stone. This following connection may seem tenuous. From , When pharaoh meets Yaakov Avinu, Beraishis These are strange initial words to me. I think Avraham Avinu had the same staff when he met pharaoh. Now, it was a past pharaoh, but Egyptians kept detailed illustrated historical records written on walls for their royalty to read.

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Top Five Religious Myths Popularly Accepted as Fact. Whether or not carbon dating is Aaron at this point throws Moses' staff on the ground and it becomes a. "I am certain that this is the actual staff that the Bible asserts Moses used to perform the miracles of the Exodus," he told BBC News dating from about Moses Staff I have recently read that Moses staff was originally taken from the tree of knowledge by Adam as he was leaving the Garden of Eden.

Carter The shroud of turin really is the face of jesus, the staff of moses. Real discoveries blogger.: has the staff, or rod of moses been. Radioactive carbon dating is unreliable because the amount of carbon in the. Jan 09,  · A team of British and Jordanian archaeologists has recently excavated the remains of an ancient Hebrew sanctuary dating from the very time Moses is .