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Ninja Tune is an English independent record label [1] based in London. It has satellite offices in Los Angeles and Montreal. Inspired by a visit to Japan, Black and More primarily created Ninja Tune in as a means to escape the creative control krush dating app major labels, [3] and to act as a vehicle to release music of a more underground nature, [4] free from the restraints that were put on them via their brief stints with Arista and Big Life.

The label's first releases—the first five volumes of DJ Food 's Jazz Brakes —were produced by Coldcut in the early s, and celebrated by the music press and beat aficionados. Following a Coldcut tour in Japan with Norman Cooka.

Fatboy Slim, then of Beats Internationalthe label lifted its moniker and aesthetic from the Japanese TV shows of the s and s based on the Ninja. After Coldcut's success with their first label, their titled Ahead of Our Time[16] contractual issues prevented them to release anything under their own name. InPeter Quicke stepped aboard as label manager, as did Patrick Carpenter, a.

PC, who joined Coldcut as sound engineer. Between and Ninja explored and defined the instrumental hip hop beats sound further often known as trip hop. Its pioneering [19] influence on the genre became more prevalent with the label's first compilation, Funkjazztical Tricknologyin The genre originated in England as a successor to acid housetaking in acid jazz and funkand using hip hop style breakbeats rather than the mechanical '4 on the floor' drum rhythm of house.

Ninja artists especially looked beyond the normal sampling sources of old funk records into jazz, epitomised by Ninja act The Cinematic Orchestra. Coldcut's contribution to Britain's flourishing scene was solidified by their Solid Steel show on London's Kiss FM[20] on airwaves since The ongoing success of Solid Steel, and its subsequent syndication across the globe, broadcast the Ninja brand across the airwaves.

The late night Saturday show cut all manner of beats, samples and loops into a chaotic musical blend. Openmind included Kevin Foakes a. Strictly Kev of DJ Food. After submitting a re-styled company logo he was employed by Ninja Tune in the capacity of overall design consultant.

Matt Black also invited Foakes to Ninja's recording studio, where he eventually joined the many hands at work on DJ Food's album, Recipe for Disaster which also included Patrick Carpenter a. The album was called a "whirlwind of beats put through the blender" [23] and proved a good cross-selection of the group's various styles.

InThe Herbaliserone of the more purely hip hop oriented acts on Ninja Tune's roster at that point [25] released their debut album Remedies. After dropping a few warmly received EPs in andRemedies brought both the group and the label much attention. Also inan album launch party for DJ Food's Recipe for Disaster was the beginning what would become a regular club night, Stealth. Held at the Blue Note Club in HoxtonStealth was a sell-out success from its first night, and continued to sell out each month at its Thursday night residencies.

Around the same time, Ninja Tune began expanding its reach beyond London, by organizing its first package tours across the UK and Europe. With their two albums, Paradise Blown and Electric Lazyland9 Lazy 9 helped spawn the funky, subterranean sound for which Ninja Tune would earn its early acclaim, combining hip hop and funk breakbeats with jazz-influenced sound.

As Funki PorciniBraddell released Hed Phone Sex inwhich ran through a gamut of genres, from dub to drum and bass. Repertoirebringing "locked grooves and ultra-vivid, up-close sample-textures". Reconstruction followed ina remix album filled with hip hop that The Wire claimed "turns the air into molasses". ReconstructionVadim selected a baker's dozen of likeminded producers, including Reflection, Clatterbox.

DJ KrushSilent Poets and Kid Koalacreating an album that flows without a hitch through the darkest hip hop and beat exploration. Life from the Other Side has been deemed "one of the best underground hip hop records ever" [30] and brought his brand of abstract hip hop down some new paths. Teaming up with Hexstatic member Stuart Warren-Hill who also signed to the Ntone label for several audio visual albumsColdcut's "Timber" video - an AV collage piece using analogous techniques to audio sample collage - was put on heavy rotation on MTV[32] [ citation not found ] and won awards for its innovative use of repetitive video clips synced to the music, [33] including being shortlisted at the Edinburgh Television and Film Festival in their top five music videos of the year in InMatt Black created PipeNinja's first website.

The label's current website ninjatune. Also inNinja Tune expanded across the ocean, opening its Montreal office to manage distribution across North America. With FlexistentialismNinja was described as devising "a term that perfectly expresses the antitheses between chaos and order" [36]. Amon Tobinmeanwhile, krush dating app, was building groundbreaking drum and bass from s big band drum battles.

His Ninja Tune debut, Bricolagecontains influences from drum and bass, hip hopbluesjazz and sambaall digitally processed to create a sense of the bricolage suggested by the title. Coldcut's fourth album Let Us Play! Coldcut's cut 'n' paste method on the album was compared to that of Dadaism and William S. Hex later evolved the software into the engine that was used on the Let Us Play! InLet Us Replay! Brand New Second Hand was, in the words of AllMusic"a bright moment for British rap, the debut album from Roots Manuva introduced a hip hop chameleon boasting dark productions and a distinct style, plus much more to say than most rappers".

Having worked as an intern in the Ninja Tune office in the mid s, Jason Swinscoe became an instrumental part of the team, and by he released his first 12" as The Cinematic OrchestraDiabolusshortly followed by the full length Motion.

The surprise hit [50] album landed somewhere between jazz and electronica [51] and gathered samples from unlikely krush dating app. Scruff 's Keep It Unreal was released in the summer of At some point inthe U. Also inKid Koala released Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"a playfully arranged montage of quirky sound bites, krush dating app, rhythmic scratching and fluid hip hop beats".

InRoots Manuva delivered his second album, krush dating app, Run Come Save Mewhich was deemed one of the albums of the year by The Independentand "not just a landmark UK hip hop album, but a landmark hip hop album period" by Mojo. The album charted at number 33 in the UK Charts.

It charted at 29 on the UK Chart. InSimon Green, a. Bonoboreleased his first proper Ninja album, Dial 'M' for Monkeya subliminally seductive collection of atmospheric instrumentals. The tactical-media project coordinated with Canadian art duo NomIg followed on from the UK version and extended the premise "into an open access participatory project".

The music used was composed by Coldcut, with "Revolution '08" featuring a remix by The Qemists. Roots Manuva climbed back into the limelight at the beginning ofwith his deft [66] [ citation not found ] album Awfully Deep.

His third album, which reached number 24 in the UK Charts, [67] was celebrated by critics for his growth as an artist, with NME calling it "a set of immense maturity that never rubs your nose in its thematic complexity, compositional innovation and thunderous thump-beats". The following year it was performed at the opening gala of Portugal's year as Krush dating app Capital of Culture in Porto in front of people.

The material written for this film score laid the groundwork for what would be The Cinematic Orchestra's second full-length, Every Dayreleased in Mayand one of Ninja's best-selling albums. Roots Manuva featured on the track "All Things to All Men", which later soundtracked the final scenes of movie Kidulthood.

The Cinematic Orchestra's albums grew increasingly ambitious over the years, [69] with 's Ma Fleur album marking a move away from beats, and embracing folk influences. The album was based on the work of photographer Maya Hayuk who commissioned 11 pictures based on three short stories recounting the journey from birth to deathand conceived by Swinscoe as the premise for the score of an imaginary film. It was followed in by their fifth studio album Sound Mirrorswhich was quoted as being "one of the most vital and imaginative records Jon More and Matt Black have ever made", [71] and saw the duo "continue, impressively, to find new ways to present political statements through a gamut of pristine electronics and breakbeats".

This project snowballed into a live concert featuring the drum duo jamming along with the turntablists - and included extra guests Madlib and DJ Numark. InNinja released Keep in Time: Back in London, having previously scored a place with his college band E. First releasing Fresh Produce - an atmospheric set of downtempo instrumental hip hop tracks - on sister label Ntone init was 's Biscuits for Breakfast album that set Fink officially on Ninja Tune.

And it set him far apart from the rest of the label, going his own krush dating app to become a full-blown, guitar picking singer-songwriter. On the topic of sound, noise manipulator Amon Tobin came back around at the beginning of with Foley Roomhis sixth studio album, and a long player that was called his "darkest work yet".

Amon and a team of assistants headed out into the streets with high sensitivity microphones and recorded found sounds from tigers roaring to cats eating rats, from wasps to falling chickpeas, kitchen utensils to motorbikes to water dripping from a tap. Found Footagedocumenting the recording process. The Bug's second album inPressuredemonstrated a fully formed aesthetic - stark spaces, gleefully subsonic bass [76] - holding collaborations with vocalists such as Toastie Taylor, Wayne Lonesome and Daddy Freddy.

Recorded over three years with its maker living in his studio, without a kitchen or shower, the album included collaborations with Warrior Queen, Tippa IrieBurialKode9 collaborator Spaceape, and even singer-toaster Ricky Ranking showing up on three tracks. While 's Well Deep multimedia package shed light on Big DadaNinja Cuts drew a healthy cross-section from all three Ninja associated labels.

The album showcased the L. Known to construct some of the most energetic breakbeats of the late s, [29] the vinyl version of the album comes as four super-heavy platters, weighing nearly a kilogram.

Inan international group of party organisers, activists and artists - including Coldcut - received a grant from the Intelligent Energy Department of the European Union, to create a project that promoted intelligent energy and environmental awareness to the youth of Europe. The result was Energy Uniona piece of VJ cinema, political campaign, music tour, party, art exhibition and social media hub, krush dating app.

Energy Union toured 12 EU countries throughout andcompleting 24 events in total. In presenting new ideas for climate, environmental and energy communication strategies, the Energy Union tour was well received, and reached a widespread audience in cities across the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain and the Czech Republic. Towards the end ofNew York producer Blockheadknown for his production work with rapper Aesop Rockreleased his fourth solo album on Ninja.

The Music Scene was hailed as being an "engrossing hip hop record to be admired" [82] and a "a hell of an album to enjoy". Schepperd, and deemed "nothing short of an incredible feat". With the album, NME called her: InNinja Tune celebrated 20 years of releasing music. A book entitled Ninja Tune: A "stunning futurespective" [86] compilation album was released on 20 September in two formats - a regular version consisting of two 2-disc volumes, and a limited edition of 3, copiescontaining six CDs, six 7" vinyl singles, a hardback copy of the book, a poster and additional items.

In The Independent 's "Album of the Week" review, the compilation was deemed "a glorious celebration of Ninja Tune's audio splendour". As part of the 20th anniversary, Ninja Tune produced 20 different events around the world. Brooklyn Vegan, 28 October It was around this time that Ninja Tune began expanding its roster in an interesting new direction, co-signing underground labels with whom they felt artistically aligned.

Steven Ellison, announced his Brainfeeder imprint had struck up a partnership for Ninja Tune to handle manufacturing, marketing and distribution for Brainfeeder everywhere african connection dating the US.

InNinja Tune signed a three-album deal with an experimental and self-taught singer and songwriter originally hailing from South East London, Andreya Triana. It was this song that caught the attention of Ninja Tune stalwart Bonobowho then had her tour the US and Canada with his live band.

Also inBonobo's own Black Sands album marked his fourth full-length. It pushed Bonobo's sound "much more steeped in beat-making, creating deluxe, post-dance soundscapes", [95] and achieved worldwide commercial success.

A couple months before, in NovemberNew York producer FaltyDL had made his debut on the Ninja roster with his Atlantis EP, a "smoother and shufflier" [96] [ citation not found ] ride than most of his earlier work.


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