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Someecardsthe free, colorful online ecard company, has been offering a funny way for people to communicate since Founders Duncan Mitchell and Brook Lundy have assembled a team of stand-up comics, advertising copy pros, and other snappy writers to create fresh cards that are as relatable as they are shareable.

If you could use a little help expressing something to that special someone, Someecards has you covered. Now, the company has expanded to bring smiles to its audience with articles and a line of cheeky merchandise, including wine — which pairs well with dry wit. Five minutes later, after having a snack, you realize your reaction may have been a little out of line.

What do you say without making it a bigger deal than you already harmony dating Someecards can be a great way to share a humorous thought, or apology, with someone special. Someecards covers just about any circumstance with its fun and free ecards shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram — and through good, old-fashioned email.

Send her a snarky Someecard featuring a couple, forehead to forehead looking lovingly at one another over glasses of champagne that conveys the message: There are thousands of shareable and relatable Someecards — which were memes before memes even existed — that dating herpes uk make people laugh. Someecards are free and usually convey exactly what you want to say — with a little more biting wit. But, too often, they came up empty, which led them to discover a niche.

We thought we could make something we would want to send back and forth malta dating our friends and our co-workers. That was the original intent. If it became a business, great. Someecards quickly became popular, and the company is often credited with creating the meme. So the Someecards team started producing traditional ecards for events such as anniversaries and birthdays. In the same vein as their sarcastic and sassy humor of the ecards themselves, new categories popped up.

Who even thinks these crazy things up, anyway? Duncan explained the company brought together a online dating someecards group of mostly New York-based stand-up comedians — people working as comics or in improv — who use Someecards as their day job while performing in the evenings.

In total, about 50 people may rotate in and out of the team on somewhat of a freelance basis. The single-sentence format, coupled with a classic-style image of a couple or a random person, provides endless possibilities.

Duncan said there are just a few simple rules: Luckily, the team at Someecards has thought of nearly every situation or occasion that would warrant a correspondence. Someecards also offers a line of merchandiseincluding calendars, which provide fun reminders throughout the year, and has even branched out into selling another product that goes well with sarcasm — wine.

Duncan and Brook bumble dating promo code proud of the impact their company has made, and all of the smiles their products elicit.

Still, they take it in stride. Never bored, Suzanne Wentley is a freelance writer, marketing professional, yoga teacher, energy worker, pet sitter, full-time traveling minimalist, and vegetarian, online dating someecards. Her favorite dates include a creative cocktail preferably made of local fruit and without a plastic strawlaughter, and 10 year dating anniversary beautiful sunset over the sea.

Her website is thelovelightproject. The Faces Behind Someecards: Who Writes Those Hilarious Memes?


Sorry, I watched Carnage last night. Naughty 2 of 25 If you're really good, I might also show you the inside of my wrist! The Big O il 3 of 25 Get your Exxon! Oops 4 of 25 It's not me, it's us. Facebonk 5 of 25 I love makeup sexts. Committed 8 of 25 Taking things to the next level! Dates and Confused 9 of 25 Let's do this thing! Hate Eff 10 of 25 Sounds about right. You Got the Right Stuff… 11 of 25 Baby! Guns 12 of 25 Pow pow! A Haiku 13 of 25 Your body is a wonderland, he sang.

Let's have sex right now. Touchy-Feely 14 of 25 I'm sending you to HR! Squeeze 15 of 25 How considerate. Bonus points if you know what movie that's from! Life Is Worth Living! Phone Sex 18 of 25 Or even just a regular conversation! Threesome 20 of 25 When I said I wanted to spice things up, honey, I didn't mean go out for Indian food Shemale 21 of 25 Losing your teeth makes you look distinguished.

Me Time 23 of 25 Just, just - just stop. Incommunicado 24 of 25 I want you to tell me this while we're eating leftovers for the third day in a row. Awww 25 of 25 What's your name again? Naughty 2 of The Big O il 3 of Oops 4 of Facebonk 5 of Content 6 of Just Friends 7 of Committed 8 of Dates and Confused 9 of Hate Eff 10 of You Got the Right Stuff… 11 of Guns 12 of A Haiku 13 of Touchy-Feely 14 of Squeeze 15 of Phone Sex 18 of Threesome 20 of When I said I wanted to spice things up, honey, I didn't mean go out for Indian food Shemale 21 of Me Time 23 of Incommunicado 24 of I want you to tell me this while we're eating leftovers for the third day in a row.

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