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Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. It loads fine for me, but glad that they finally approved a new one. Tell them to close the other thread so that we can utilize this one. Wonder if Geno is happy with the way BG is playing.

Is she really ready for Rio. Other teams probably checking out her performance. Guest Jun 26 So brief round up of the current convos: Liberty choked who is morgan freeman dating close one to the Mercury, who somehow managed to win despite their entire bench scoring a total in the single digits. Washington put a massive beating on Minnesotait's unclear if Cheryl's jacket survived the game.

The great Pat Summitt is battling for her life. I had asked a couple times to be traded. It didn't catch me off guard. It didn't catch me by surprise,'' Bone said. I'm about being comfortable, wnba gossip dating. Penny was married to blah blah who is a maleand X happened' that could potentially cause a ban if someone reported it? Guest Jun 27 Boy Kelsey Bone had to be a piece of work in Conneticut. They just about gave her away for free. So there's a photo on Dallas fan page showing the foul called on Karima when she tried to block Griner.

Both of her hands are clearly touching Griner's and Glory commented 'all ball', lol. But I find it disturbing that Karima uses that incident as a mark of excellence. She retweeted several people praising her hustle and even commented about just wanting to work hard. I've noticed it with other players and commentators too - is as if Griner is the mark and anything done against her is applauded as an achievement.

Is Griner that good? Or are the other players that bad? I'm not even going to ask if women can play with men at this point. Obviously if the two or three incidents against Griner are seen as achievements, how can wnba players play with and against nba players?

That talk should never resume. May 30 In this thread, discussions regarding the WNBA are to remain primarily focused on the players, the game, stats etc. Acceptable forms of On Topic discussion include but are not limited to: This is a frequent start of stan wars in this thread, but NOT the only one. These often derail the thread for pages and are completely off topic.

If you see this happening, do not respond to it. Starting stan wars or participating in them will get you banned. If they continue to bait and troll, report them. There is no need to engage posters who are clearing trolling. Report and move on. When in doubt, take a deep breath and scroll. Let's please all try to get along. Jun wnba gossip dating Washington put a massive beating on Minnesota, it's unclear if Cheryl's jacket survived the game. She was divisive and a locker room problem.

Not surprised they'd play better without her. Australia is the only dating game killer book with bigs with the size where they'll need Fowles and BG to be working. Take a guess DA but. How did Part I even get so many pages over ? I never thought we'd get our fresh thread approved. Lmao I thought you were joking but now I just saw the result, how did that happen?

That was my thought too. I've noticed some major improvements on her offensive game and she's becoming more aggressive on the boards free dating landing page templates the Olympics near.

Jun 27wnba gossip dating, I don't think she's fully ready, but you can bet Geno and the other US coaches will get her where she needs to be for International competition. Maybe she'll even come back having learned a thing or two. Bone asked to be traded because she wasn't "comfortable" in Connecticut. Bone's mother tweeted to the Mercury. If you wanna know about that you should probably take it to the DT thread.

They probably wouldn't mind talking about it. It's hard to learn things from coaches whose idea of coaching is to stop you from doing things that worked for you. I'll say it again, it was really tacky for Sandy to continuously tell BG that she was doing something wrong. Since when is screening and getting blocks wrong?

Yes, it may have seemed like Britt wnba gossip dating moving too much but that was what made it work for her. Now you see her start to do something and then she stops because she remembers what the coach said about not moving.

You don't destroy a player like that. You don't take away what makes them truly unique and expect them to have confidence. Now she's playing like a twig and standing around looking clueless. Is that what Sandy was after? To make matters worse, during Rio camp, Geno was lecturing BG about how she should screen more and get stops. The girl must be really confused right now. Hopefully she's not too damaged by the time Geno gets her again and maybe just maybe he can give her some confidence again and hopefully by then, Sandy would have learned her lesson.

Ohh no, I know, but people have popped up on these threads asking about it. I hear her mom is a bigger piece. But honestly, I don't know how w players stomach it - going to a team you may not like, going to a city you may not like, working with people you may not like - all because someone somewhere decided they own your 'rights'. I'm sure some of these players wouldn't even be in the w if people had not made a big deal of them when they were in college. I know how easy it is to fall into a career simply because others expect you to.

But really, if you're not happy with where you are, you should have the option to move elsewhere without people thinking you are just being difficult. I see what you're saying.

On the other hand it's how a lot of professions work and people get moved around for their job all the time. I signed a contract for my job so they own my "rights" so to say. It's strange she would ask out of a contract during the season, rather than before or after, but it's done so it doesn't matter anymore. That said I don't think asking for this trade is what people are talking about re her attitude, wnba gossip dating.

She had that reputation much prior to this week. Calm yourself that talk never started except Griner, which everyone but W stans dismissed at yet more ridiculous attention grabbing shenanigans from Cuban. People are talking about it cause Chrismtas is what 6'? And BG is a fucking giant who punches opponents, kicks them in the head, and pulls their legs out when they're getting up off the floor.

Well, the way she put it was like she had already asked several times before. Maybe Conn were waiting for a worthwhile deal. Williams is going to be great. But let's face it, no guard below 6 feet is going to have much success with merc's present line-up. In the end, merc did right by Williams. And Bone got a new home. If she sticks for awhile, she will form the near future core and get the star treatment she is craving. But hopefully, DT will clip her wings sooner rather than later.

If she pushes aside her pride, she will become the leader of the bench and get many minutes and recognition. But if she's not comfortable with coming off the scottish gay dating sites, maybe Sandy can let BG come off the bench but then again DT may not like it.

Damn, Glojo and the twins found this board, lol. You and the Eric guy are cut from the same cloth, smh. Who put the stick up your ass?


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With only WNBA roster spots available, it truly is a league made up of the elite of the elite. That being said, spotlighting just 20 of these players is not an easy task. Between all the new draft picks, former MVPs, rising stars, and comeback players currently in the league The first two rounds of the WNBA Playoffs — which both consisted of two one-game, winner-takes-all series — are in the books.

The well-rested Minnesota Lynx and Los Angeles Sparks, who got double-byes as the top two seeds, finally know which teams they'll face in the best-of-five semifinals. The top-seeded Lynx host the Washington Mystics 6 , while the defending champion Sparks Want more news first thing in the day? Sign up for the Yardbarker Morning Bark newsletter here. Good morning and welcome to the YB Box Score, what we're reading while making sure our agent has all the proper trade clauses including demands for travel pizza and beer in our contract.

Good morning and welcome to the YB Box Score, what we're reading while we figure out who is answering the phone in Cleveland. She scored her first points for the Phoenix Mercury on May 20, , by cutting around defenders in the perimeter for an open three-pointer.

Adrian Williams-Strong was sitting in the post against Sacramento Monarchs center Yolanda Griffith when she saw the dynamic rookie guard out of UConn in her purview.

A quick flick of the wrist was the start of a career that would shatter records Diana Taurasi is a surefire Hall of Famer, and she achieved yet another huge milestone on Sunday, in a big way.

One of the all-time greats. For the Phoenix Mercury, the degree of difficulty may be even greater than for most defending titleholders. The WNBA champions began training camp this week without their longtime leader, point guard Diana Taurasi, who is sitting out the WNBA season to rest up for her winter season Last season, Diana Taurasi averaged averaged If the team is going to repeat this season, they will have to do so without the services of the seven-time All-Star.

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Jan 18,  · WNBA gossip? Discussion in 'Any Then she messed around and started dating two WNBA players at the same time. . REALTIME RUMORS, GOSSIP, OPINIONS AND HUMOR FROM THE BEST SPORTS BLOGS. Everything you need to know from opening weekend of the WNBA season Via Jan 17,  · WNBA gossip and people assume cause I'm gay I like the WNBA and invite camps and she came back telling me that Michelle was dating a preppy.

Bootman Jan 18,  · WNBA gossip? Discussion in 'Any Then she messed around and started dating two WNBA players at the same time. . REALTIME RUMORS, GOSSIP, OPINIONS AND HUMOR FROM THE BEST SPORTS BLOGS. Everything you need to know from opening weekend of the WNBA season Via