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Nicollette Sheridan portrayed Edie from her debut in the pilot episode of the series until the character's death in the fifth season. Throughout her time on the series, she also had numerous relationships with the ex-husbands or former lovers of other characters. Edie Britt was one of the series' most who is dating britt robertson characters.

Sheridan's portrayal of the character was dating ish penny reid read online acclaimed, leading Edie to be a fan favourite.

Nicollette Sheridan on her audition for Bree Van de Kamp [3]. The character Edie Britt was a series regular for the first 5 seasons, despite originally being conceived as a recurring character. Actress Nicollette Sheridan, who originally auditioned for Bree Van de Kampone of the series' more prominent roles, [3] was cast in the role in February Series creator Marc Cherry insisted that Edie served "only as a spoiler to complicate the other women's lives.

Additionally, Cherry shared that his goal was to have the central four women remain in the series. However, Marcia Cross ' maternity leave caused Bree to be absent in several episodes of the third season. Edie's character was elevated in prominence, providing the fourth concurrent storyline for the episodes.

During this time, the character's "layers are peeled away and the character is developed on a deeper level than has been previously explored. In Februaryit was announced that Sheridan would be leaving the show following her character's death, which would involve a car accident and electrical wire.

On August 7,after the announcement that Desperate Housewives would be concluding at the end of its 8th seasonMarc Cherry hinted that he may ask Nicollette Sheridan back for the series finale, "to pay homage to everyone who has been on the show", including Edie and without addressing Sheridan's lawsuit. I loved her dearly, but they killed her!

Martha Huber Christine Estabrook tells Susan that she will be babysitting Edie's son, although he does not appear until season 3. Edie and Susan Mayer are attracted to new neighbor Mike Delfino James Dentoncreating tension between them which culminates in Susan accidentally burning Edie's house down.

Edie is upset when Martha is murdered, and proves to be the only Wisteria Lane resident who wants to give her a proper burial. Susan admits to Edie that she burned her house down and Edie uses Susan's guilt to join the housewives' poker group. Edie continues to hit on Mike but he's more interested in Susan.

Edie is my free dating site when Susan and Mike move in together. Edie tries to get the women to convince Susan that Mike is bad for her, but Susan is sure he's the one. Susan later finds out her ex-husband, Karl Mayer Richard Burgicheated on her with Edie while they were married; using this knowledge, Edie and Karl start dating, increasing the tension between her and Susan.

In the show's second seasonEdie starts dating Karl, Susan's dating a plus size girl. Edie and Susan have many confrontations as Susan tries to deal with some minor jealousy issues. Edie later discovers a wedding ring in Karl's briefcase and suspects Karl plans to propose.

The truth was, Karl married Susan so she would have health insurance as she needed an operation. Susan tells Karl that Edie thinks he's going to propose so he does. Susan's boyfriend, Ron, tells Edie about her and Karl's marriage and Edie is angry with them for lying to her, who is dating britt robertson.

To punish Karl and Susan, Edie decides Karl will throw her a lavish wedding and Susan will be burdened with the arrangements. However, one morning, Edie wakes up to find Karl leaving permanently and also discovers that Karl slept with another woman while they were engaged and breaks the news to the other housewives. Edie is extremely upset and Susan, who feels guilty about unknowingly being the "other woman", tries to make her feel better. Edie begins bonding with Susan, making her feel even more guilty.

Edie gets a confession letter from Susan and feels betrayed, retaliating by burning down Susan's house. After discovering Edie burned down her house, Susan tries to get a confession whilst wearing a wire, leading to a fight when Edie realizes.

Trying to catch Susan, Edie is badly stung by yellowjackets. Susan feels guilty when Edie is hospitalized and tells her she won't give the confession to the police, sparing Edie prison.

Edie refuses to accept Susan's pity and vows to get revenge. In the show's third seasonEdie declines Susan's attempts to rebuild a friendship.

She is present when Mike wakes up zane holtz dating his coma and learns that he has retrograde amnesia and has forgotten the last two years. Edie's revenge on Susan is to take advantage of this. While "helping" Mike fill in the blanks, Edie makes him think that Susan never loved him and that they were miserable together. Susan comes by the hospital to give Mike flowers, but catches him having sex with Edie.

Edie and Mike start a relationship but Edie ends it when Mike is arrested for the murder of Monique Pollier. Edie's nephew, Austin Josh Hendersonmoves in with her. He starts dating Susan's daughter, Julie Mayer. Susan disapproves but Edie claims she can't do anything about it because they are in love.

Julie gets Edie to pose as her mother so she can get birth control pills. He leaves Wisteria Lane when Danielle reveals she is pregnant with his child. Edie's son, Travers, is introduced for the first time, having been dropped off by his father for a month-long visit. When Edie develops romantic feelings for Carlos, she uses his relationship with Travers to her advantage and tries to seduce him, but he tells her he's not interested in her that way.

They eventually sleep together and later start dating. Carlos wants to keep the affair a secret, making Edie think he's still in love with Gabrielle.

Edie tells the girls about her and Carlos at her Gabrielle's engagement party. Gabrielle is furious and demands Edie stop seeing Carlos, but Edie refuses. Gabrielle tries to get her friends to freeze out Edie, but Edie makes it difficult. Gabrielle eventually makes peace with the relationship Edie considers going for full custody of Travers to keep Carlos around, but Carlos convinces her not to.

When Travers is collected by his father, Edie asks Carlos to move in with her. When he declines, Edie visits his landlady, Mrs. Simms, at her nursing home and tells her Carlos is an alcoholic, does drugs, and uses her home as a place to hook up with prostitutes.

Simms terminates the lease and Carlos is evicted. Edie offers Carlos a place to stay but he is suspicious that she was involved in his eviction. Carlos tells Edie he doesn't love her and she tells him she could be pregnant. After they find that she isn't, she suggests he stay with her and they try for a baby but continues taking the pill, because she doesn't want a baby until he starts to love her. While looking for money in Edie's purse to pay the paper boy, Carlos discovers the pills. At Gaby's wedding, Carlos confronts Edie.

She tries to apologize but is unsuccessful. At the closing scene of the season, Edie is shown with a sealed letter to her "beloved" Carlos, and hangs herself with a scarf. In the first episode of season 4it transpires that Edie's suicide attempt was merely a bid for Carlos' attention. She uses this knowledge to blackmail him, asking him to marry her, unaware that Carlos is having an affair with Gabrielle.

Edie goes on to announce their engagement party, but discovers Carlos' betrayal when she, Carlos, and Gabrielle's new husband, Victor Lang John Slatteryall suffer from crabs. Edie hires someone to spy on Carlos and gets pictures of him and Gabrielle kissing before telling the IRS about his offshore account. She discovers that Carlos has emptied and closed his offshore account so she turns the pictures over to Victor, knowing he will get revenge.

Edie, still feeling vindictive, tells the police that Gaby may be responsible for Victor's disappearance. A tornado is about to hit Wisteria Lane and Carlos and Edie plan to disappear.

Gabrielle is given a folder, giving her access to Carlos' offshore bank account. Edie and Gabrielle fight over it but lose the papers in the tornado. They are forced to take shelter together in Edie's crawl space and are able to put aside their differences for a while. Carlos is blinded in the tornado. Edie finds out Carlos gave her real jewellery when they were together and gets back at him by staying with him. Edie learns that Carlos' blindness is permanent, when she thought it was only temporary.

Later Edie tells Gabrielle that the way she is treating Carlos is sick and that there are other women out there who would treat Carlos better. Edie later shares a brief drunken kiss with Orson which is seen by Bree, who is looking for Toby the cat.

Bree confronts Edie about the kiss. When Edie says it meant nothing, Bree slaps her and a full-scale war erupts between them. Bree sabotages Edie's business by hounding off potential house buyers. Edie visits Orson, who is now living at a hotel, to complain about Bree. When she enters the room, she discovers a piece of paper revealing that Bree's baby is really Austin and Danielle's.

Edie threatens to tell everyone about it unless Bree does exactly what she wants. Bree tells her friends about her faked pregnancy and about Edie's threats.

The housewives confront Edie, and tell her that from now on they won't be friends with her anymore and will ignore her whenever she talks to them. Afterward, Edie calls Travers, and tells him she's going to be spending a lot more time with him from now on.

While off the lane, Edie starts visiting Orson while he is in prison for the hit and run of her ex-boyfriend Mike Delfino. After Bree hears that Edie has been visiting her husband, Bree goes to Edie's new house to confront her.

Edie then shames Bree into being a better person, who is dating britt robertson. This makes Bree the only housewife to see Edie until she returns five years later.

During the five-year jump, Edie begins dating motivational speaker, Dave Williams. Edie proposes and they elope right away.


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