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My brother has been going out with my ex wife for awhile. And they never asked me how I would feel about it or thought about how it would effect me.

I just need some advise on how to get over it. I don't think it's wrong they're dating, I do think it's wrong that they never asked your opinion on it. However, if they asked you how you felt about it and if you'd say you don't like it and appreciate they didn't, it could be you're standing in the way of "true love" and you'd feel guilty about it. It dating brothers help that they don't seem to care about what you think of all this, because if they felt guilty, you knew they cared but that their love was worth it.

But on the other hand, if they're acting like that and not even caring about you, dating brothers, why would you care about it? Easier said than done. I suggest you try to avoid them. If they make a big deal out of that, tell them you need some time to adjust to the new situation and you deal with that on your own. Just try to avoid them, no contact, try to focus on other things and the rest is just how you'd deal with another break up. I never got into this situation so this is the only advice I could give: Omg really I think youd feel dif if you walked in this poor guys shoes.

That's your opinion, you don't know the entire story. If she broke up with him for his brother, yes, it's wrong. If they're broken up for years because they just didn't work out and after a long time they started dating. I suggest you don't quit your day job either since you do have to listen to all sides of the story, which we don't know.

He asked how to get over it, people date each others' exes all the time, welcome to the world I'd say. You an d all your "worldly " cough- cough23 years This is not some regular breakup or a friend dating a friend;s ex.

This is kind of a breach of moral code! YEah its my opinion and would be yours too if done to you. Nobody said that a 23 year old can't give advice here. If he doesn't like it, then that's fine, if you don't like it, so what? I'm not here to please people who bash my advice. No problem you don't agree, just a little respect is nice, ok? You don't need to tell me what my opinion would be if it happened to me, I'll know that for myself and I don't need you to tell me what's good or bad advice.

If he doesn't like it, fine, then he shouldn't read my advice. With all due respect,I don't think this advice is very solid. It's like when you're crying because of a break up and someone comes and pats your back saying "aw, just ignore them, dating brothers, don't cry".

Family issues and strains cannot be "avoided". Unfortunately, if they didn't have the concern to even consider your feelings before they started dating, they won't do so now. I would recommend therapy. Just as an outlet for you to air your feelings and get the reassurance you need. Hell if that happened to me I'd need therapy lol. Seriously though I'm sorry that happened. At least you can sleep well at night knowing you're the better person.

Its completely wrong for them to be going dating brothers. My heart goes out to you. Your brother should know better. I would try to keep my distance until they hopefully break up. Karma is a bitch. Try to move forward with other people who support you and your decisions to take people out of your life.

Hey, I honestly don't know what advice to give you if you've spoken to them about it and they don't care. But I want to say I'm really sorry you're in this situation because I know it must hurt: If I had a sibling tacky enough to do it, I would be so disappointed and hurt: It is wrong of them. They didn't ask how you feel because they know what they're doing is wrong!

There is no way for you is bella thorne dating anyone get over this! How does your family feel about this? Do you have children with her? Then lean on your family for support hun and be there for your daughter as well. This relationship has little chance of working out with no support from anybody Yeah, I pretty much agree with everyone else on here.

He's a scumbag and she's local space dating bitch, cut them out of your life ASAP. Since they didn't even bother to talk to you about it, it shows just how much they care. Just focus on your daughter and your friends and family who've actually got your back. Can't believe there are idiots like them out there Among the many things I would never do: About six kinds of wrong, right there.

There are simply enough people in the world to avoid this one. As for you, you can't control what they do. So, I would recommend avoiding them and moving on. If they do work out and are some kind of soulmates, maybe you'll accept that someday when you're happy and in a great relationship yourself. Regardless, you have to take care of you.

I mean this is like 72 degrees of F'd up to the outer limits, dating brothers. Cut them both out like yesterday and try to realize things happen for a reason, and that reason may have nothing to do with you. Like Karma, and they will get it back one day. I agree and think it is wrong they are going out I don't know the whole situation here or if there is anything else going on that may make me think differently Do you really want them to be a part of your life?

It may be helpful to just distance yourself as much as possible In my opinion, sometimes it's just dating brothers worth having certain people in your life online dating is it worth it they have no respect for you. Maybe just take this time to focus on yourself right now and what you can do to develop dating a misogynist talents and move closer towards your goals in life.

I don't know your whole situation I'd never talk to them again unless they gave me a good reason. I can just suggest you cut both of them from your life. Seriously, it doesn't matter if he's your brother. I don't know if they might argue "true love" or something like that, but still Distance yourself from them so you can heal.

Who knows what the future might hold Pretty much a "desperate loser" move on your brothers part. That's some tacky ass shit. I'm pretty much making up my mind to do that: I know but people will always be people. You can't change who they are but you can change the situation for what it is, dating brothers.

I wish you all the best, message me if ever. That "code" might as well have been thrown out of the window years ago.

Idk, it probably will hurt for awhile. Sorry though Try therapy. Trust me bro the amount of selfishness and insensitivity in the world today makes me wanna vomit. I guess some people just go after what they can as long as they get a "lay" no morals or integrity. Your brother is a snake of the highest calibre, cut him out your life, her too. Focus on yourself and your daughter, stick close to your other family and friends. Keep your head up bro. I believe you when you say that it makes you mad reading this.

I don't know if you can get over it. It may ruin your relationship with your brother. I'm not speaking to any of them again


My name is Tricia. I have been married to my husband, Ben, for 15 years. We have always just been the typical suburban couple, except that we haven't had any children since finding out that Ben's sperm count was almost non-existent.

Like most couples that have been together for a long time, our life had become somewhat routine. It wasn't bad, mind you, it just lacked the excitement that it had when we first met. Three years ago my brother, Steven, and his wife divorced.

At 27 years old, Steven is eight years younger than me, so we have never been very close. Steven's breakup with his wife was difficult, and on the day of his divorce he wound up at our house later in tears. We tried to cheer him up by having a party with just the three of us, but the alcohol just seemed to make him more depressed.

We wouldn't let him leave and insisted that he spend the night in our guest room. The next day Steven looked somewhat better, but still quite despondent. Ben and I decided that we would invite Steven to spend a couple of weeks with us in order for him to have people around as he rebuilt his life. I didn't think Steven would take us up on the offer, but surprisingly he did. Our lives were pretty routine for a few days until one Saturday when I returned home from shopping.

Ben was out with one of his friends and apparently Steven, who was sitting at our computer, didn't hear me come in. When I looked into the computer room, I noticed that Steven was looking at the computer screen with his shirt off, his pants around his ankles, and his swollen cock in his hand. I was shocked of course, but that wasn't even the worst of it.

What Steven was looking at on the computer screen was nude pictures that Ben had taken of me! Suddenly, before I could move or speak, Steven groaned and shot a huge load of cum all over his chest and belly. I crept away from the room so Steven wouldn't hear me. Later that night while in bed I confessed to Ben about what I witnessed.

All Ben said was, "See, I told you that you looked sexy in those pictures. You don't care that he masturbated to them? Ben responded with, "Those pictures of you are hot and he is a guy.

I'm sorry he found them, but I'm not surprised at all that they turned him on. Then he grabbed my hand and placed it on his groin area. Just the thought of those pictures made me hard. I think it's hot that out of all the pictures he could have looked at on the internet that it was the ones of you that got him off. Although it was hot, it was weird, because thoughts of my brother's penis kept creeping into my head.

And, when Ben finally grunted and finished inside me, my mind drifted back to Steven's penis unloading on his chest, and I too became immersed in a mind blowing orgasm. I mostly put the whole experience out of my mind until a few days later. Steven had a formal dinner to attend for his company, but wasn't ready to date yet, so he was moping around trying to figure out if he should show up alone.

That's when Ben opened his big mouth and suggested that I go with Steven. Steven replied with, "Won't I look even worse showing up with my sister? I don't know if you have noticed, Steven, but your sister is kind of hot. There was a moment of silence as I don't think anyone knew what to say, except of course, my big mouth husband who chimed in with, "Then it is settled. Friday night Tricia is your date, Steven. My upcoming date became a good excuse to buy a whole new ensemble to wear.

It no longer felt weird by the time the evening arrived. Things seemed somewhat normal as Steven and I prepared to leave. However, when Steven opened the door for me to leave, he looked back at Ben and asked, "What time do I need to have my date home tonight? I will leave the porch light on for you.

We arrived at the club, went inside, and found our table. Dinner was nice, but I felt strange whenever Steven or someone else referred to me as Steven's date or as Steven's girlfriend. Alcohol was served, so I was able to settle my nerves with a little wine.

A band played throughout dinner, and then after dinner the lights were dimmed and the band increased its volume and tempo for those that wanted to dance. After a little time and a little more wine, Steven asked me if I wanted to dance. I love to dance, so I readily accepted.

The more we danced, the thirstier I got. Conversely, the more wine I drank, the more I danced. At some point I realized that Steven was getting touchy-feely with me, and also pulling me tighter and tighter against him.

The alcohol must have dulled my senses, because it wasn't until I felt Steven's cock pressed against me that became aware of his advances. I knew it was wrong, but the wine and the festivity were working their magic on me. Before I knew it the party was coming to an end. Steven and I were one of the few couples left on the dance floor, and I was pretty well toasted.

As we danced to a slow song, I felt my brother's warm breath on my neck and his hard cock against my belly. I was feeling the same tingling in my pussy that he must have been feeling in his cock. My mind was alternating between images of my husband waiting for me in our bed, and of my brother at the computer masturbating.

Rationality was losing out to arousal and stimulation. Before I knew it, I was rubbing my Steven's cock through his trousers. I don't know if my mind thought that the hard penis belonged to my husband, or if at that point I even cared. Fortunately, and at least temporarily, my lack of discretion ceased as the lights came back up and the music ended. When we got out to Steven's car, he made a comment about how lucky I was to have a spouse waiting for me in bed.

I apologized for letting the moment get out of hand on the dance floor. I was put at ease by Steven thanking me, because he really missed having a woman's touch. He followed with, "I wish the music hadn't stopped.

It felt so good to hold someone else's hand I felt terrible for letting Steven get that close to me and letting him get excited from a feminine touch that he couldn't have. I was all lubed up and ready for my husband to have his way with me, so my sexual senses were on overload and clouding my better judgment. At least, that's my excuse for doing the unbelievable again. I reached over and placed my hand on Steven's crotch, which was still hard as a rock. You can use my hand for tonight if you need to.

I would love that. Carefully, I took my hand and unzipped his pants. Then, I fumbled around and finally got the button undone. About that time, Steven found an empty parking lot he could pull into. As soon as he got parked, he lifted his butt off the seat and pulled his trousers and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprung straight up for me. With that, I wrapped my hand around his warm shaft. Fortunately, it didn't take long.

I don't know what I would have done if a cop had found me jerking off my brother in public. Steven's head flung back and his cock swelled. The first shot was enormous. I didn't realized my face was so close as a string of hot sperm splashed across my nose and lips. Before I realized what was happening, my tongue instinctively wiped my brother's incestuous sperm from my lips and brought it into my mouth.

I savored the sweet saltiness of his cum as my hand continued pumping out the remainder of Steven's load. When it was over, Steven thanked me and offered to return the favor. I wanted badly for a man's fingers, and more We managed to find some tissues to clean up Steven and what was left of his sperm on my hand and face, and then headed home. When we arrived at the house, Steven told he what a wonderful time he had. Ben was in bed, but still awake, as I climbed in with him.

He was all over me in a flash. He was eating my pussy for what seemed like hours, all the while taking breaks to ask me things such as "what was it like dating another man?

However, I did admit to the drunken hand job that I gave Steven, while declaring to him that it was a one-time thing only. I was afraid that Ben would be repulsed, but it seemed to excite him even more, as he climbed up on me and fucked me for all it was worth. Nothing more was said between Ben and me. In the morning Ben was off to a golf match with one of his buddies before I got out of bed. I had conflicting feelings and my emotions were running wild from the previous night's events as I stood at the kitchen counter pouring my cup of coffee.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt a warm body pressing up against my backside, strong hands on each of my hips, and hot breath on my neck.


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Charlson May 25,  · Women with older brothers were groomed differently than those without. You can spot one of us a mile away: by our confidence, our sarcasm, our varying levels of crazy. And dating a woman who grew up with an older male sibling is unlike any other relationship match-up. Dating brothers People Who Married Or Dated Their Ex's Sibling Reveal How It Turned Out.